Pam Barto

Meet Pam!  She has just starting volunteering in June and per Christine Jeffson, site coordinator for Monument, "I’m nominating Pam Barto, a new tutor who rolled up her sleeves and acted as a sub for me on the first day of Fall Session, when one of my regular tutors failed to show up. Pam was just supposed to be observing that night but jumped right in and started working with the student as I was signing kids in. She has a great attitude and is always there when I need her!"

Pam enjoys sharing with the students that she truly enjoys reading; and I appreciate the effort put forth by the students and the progress they make.

Fun Fact:  The story goes that being the youngest of three girls in a home with no television, I wore everyone out with my desire to read out loud.  So, I would spend hours reading to my dog on the back porch step.  A faithful and encouraging listener!

Favorite book: I go back to Dr. Suess and what he wrote that is a good reminder of our attitude in life.  “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

Pam Barto