Arleen Alleman

Arleen is a phenomenal tutor; she incorporates a lot of her skills as an author in all of her tutoring sessions. She is really serious about her role as a tutor and sees the value of children learning to read well and write with real purpose. Arleen knows the partnership between reading and writing is essential to be a successful literate individual. You cannot have one without the other.

Arleen’s one fun fact—“Even though I worked for the government and have a science education, I also studied acting and singing, and have written a few songs.”

Arleen’s favorite author – “I have so many favorite authors and books, it is difficult to pick one. I would say that  Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series stands out as a particular favorite, with its wonderful blend of history, fiction, and romance.”

Arleen writes mystery and suspense books, but she recently published a children’s book entitled, “ Sometimes Naughty-Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain”.

“I appreciate the opportunity to help children gain proficiency in reading and comprehension. I believe that few things are more important for success in life than literacy. As an avid reader and an author, it gives me great pleasure to play even a small part in developing a child’s interest in reading."

Arlene Alleman