Mike McAdams

Volunteer since Nov 1992

The thing that keeps me coming back to volunteer with CLC, is the thrill of watching the spark generate once a child realizes they can do it!

Meet Mike!  Mike has volunteered with the Children’s Literacy Center for over 25 years, and has helped over 50 children improve their reading skills using the Peak Reader Program.

Finding the unique approach with each student that can transform reading from a dreaded challenge they will never ‘get’ to something achievable, fun, and meaningful is what Mike loves most about working with his students.  The site coordinator for the Barnes & Noble site had this to say about Mike, “Mike is a phenomenal tutor. He is dedicated and works well with every student. Children's Literacy Center is lucky to have him, as tutors like Mike are what make this program amazing.”

Mike also volunteers as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) serving abused and neglected children.  In his spare time, he and his wife enjoy reading, travel, organic gardening, eating good food, tennis, hiking, and five grandkids.

When asked what is his favorite part about the Peak Reader program, Mike said,  “The one-on-one work with the kids, and watching the miraculous transformation that almost always happens when at some point, the student realizes, I can learn to read!”.