Marta Constable

Marta Constable

Volunteer since September 2013

Seize the day!


Meet Marta!  She has volunteered since 2013 and helped multiple children improve their reading skills using the Peak Reader Program.

Marta likes seeing the improvements quickly progress and the kids' faces light up when they find out reading can be fun.  She is great about sharing  tips and tricks with parents on how to incorporate reading every day such as reading road signs, reading signs while grocery shopping, doing google searches and reading the Sunday comics together. 

Fun fact about Marta:  She grew up speaking 2 languages simultaneously and in school had to learn a third one.  She was in an American school in a Spanish speaking country and the school considered French a "second language."

Marta's Mother, who was a teacher had a ton of wisdom gems which has influenced her volunteering with Children's Literacy Center.  Some examples include:  "If you can read, you can do anything",  "There will always be someone richer, poorer, bigger, smaller, smarter, dumber, older, and younger than you who could use help.  Be kind to everyone", and this gem "Listen more than you speak; that is why you have 2 ears and only one mouth"