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The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges and impacted how we live our lives and operate our businesses. Children's Literacy Center (CLC) strives to provide a healthy, safe, and fun environment for all involved. To ensure this effort, CLC has implemented social distancing procedures as well as cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Each site coordinator and tutor are required to wear face shields. Also, hand sanitizer and face masks are available at all locations. It is imperative that we meet the needs of struggling readers while making each student, tutor, and staff member's health and safety a priority.

The Children’s Literacy Center, based in Colorado Springs, offers one-to-one tutoring to students who are reading below grade level FREE TO FAMILIES! We match each student with a community volunteer trained in the Peak Reader® Program. Tutoring sessions are one hour, twice a week, for 12 weeks during the fall and spring and six weeks during the summer. CLC also offers tutoring on Saturday mornings in some areas.

CLC has several locations in Colorado. To view the full list, visit our Locations Page.

Please note that the Peak Reader® Program is not appropriate for students who are currently on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), diagnosed with Dyslexia, or do not speak English fluently.

Enrolling a student is easy!

Parents or legal guardians, please complete the Parent Commitment Form by clicking on the link below, then ask your child's teacher to complete the Student Referral Form onlineThe student cannot be enrolled until both forms have been received and processed by CLC.


Student Enrollment Form

Teacher Referral Form



Inscribiendo su hijo es fácil! 

Los padres o tutores (guardián) legales deben completar el Formulario de Participación de los Padres haciendo clic en el enlace a continuación, y luego solicitar que el maestro del hijo completar el Formulario de Recomendación del Estudiante en línea. El estudiante no puede inscribirse hasta que ambos hayan sido recibidos por CLC.


Compromiso de Padres


Completar los formularios en el sitio es la manera más eficiente de inscribir a un estudiante. Sin embargo, si es necesario, puede recibir formularios imprimibles, contáctese con Pamela.

“My son went through the Children’s Literacy Center a few years ago. The reading program was a tremendous experience and because of that he’s gone on to make the honor roll. My son’s self-esteem, confidence, and his ability to read have all grown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

                – Gerard Lopez, parent

“My son now asks me, ‘Can I just read one more?’ In the past, I struggled to get him to read and now he won’t stop. After the first tutoring session he read seven books on the way home. He reads to his dad, he reads before bed, and he took a book to school and read to his class. The Children’s Literacy Center is responsible for this wonderful transformation. It has changed my child’s life.” 

                – Cynthia Gwin, parent

“To the Children’s Literacy Center, first of all I want to thank you so much for making a difference in my son’s reading ability. Jordon chooses books now that he would not have even tried before. He has an eagerness and joy when it comes to reading. The look on his face when he finishes a book is priceless. He is always so proud of himself. I give a lot of credit to his tutor. She has made it fun for him; he always looks forward to coming. Thank you.” 

                -Tracee, parent

“My grandson is doing much better and I especially notice that he does not make a face when I mention time to read. He actually seems to be enjoying reading and sometimes even takes the book in the car to read while I am driving which makes this Grandma S-M-I-L-E. He has also bonded with his tutor and loves going to Barnes and Noble to meet with him. Again, thanks for helping me get this reading improved so very much.” 

              - Jacque, grandparent