About Ben Eichel

Benjamin (Ben) Eichel

Office Intern

Since 2017

Ben is a graduate student at Regis University pursuing a Master of Nonprofit Management and assists in fundraising and grant writing, planning special projects and events, creates annual reports and newsletters, acts as the website content manager, and is the unofficial office handyman.  During his Army tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, Ben saw firsthand how a lack of education and low literacy skills locks children into a lifetime of poverty and oppression.  After leaving the military, he continues to serve his community by working with multiple Colorado-based nonprofits and is proud to be part of CLC's mission of "Building a lifetime of success through a foundation of literacy... ONE child at a time". Ben holds a Behavioral Sciences and Leadership degree from the United States Military Academy and lives in Salida with his dog, Nitro Wigglesbottom.

Ben's favorite book is Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl but loves to read just about anything that has to do with cars, motorcycles, or automotive racing.

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