Enroll Children


“My son went through the Children’s Literacy Center a few years ago. The reading program was a tremendous experience and because of that he’s gone on to make the honor roll. My son’s self-esteem, confidence, and his ability to read have all grown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Gerard Lopez, parent

“My son now asks me, ‘Can I just read one more?’ In the past, I struggled to get him to read and now he won’t stop. After the first tutoring session he read seven books on the way home. He reads to his dad, he reads before bed, and he took a book to school and read to his class. The Children’s Literacy Center is responsible for this wonderful transformation. It has changed my child’s life.”
– Cynthia Gwin, parent

“To the Children’s Literacy Center, first of all I want to thank you so much for making a difference in my son’s reading ability. Jordon chooses books now that he would not have even tried before. He has an eagerness and joy when it comes to reading. The look on his face when he finishes a book is priceless. He is always so proud of himself. I give a lot of credit to his tutor. She has made it fun for him; he always looks forward to coming. Thank you.”
-Tracee, parent