Enroll Children

The Children’s Literacy Center, based in Colorado Springs, offers  one-to-one tutoring for students reading below grade level at NO COST TO FAMILIES! We match your child with a community volunteer trained in our Peak Reader® Program. Tutoring sessions last one hour, twice a week, for up to 12 weeks.

Regretfully, the Peak Reader® program is not appropriate for children who have Dyslexia, are currently enrolled in an IEP at school, or have special education needs.



Enrolling your child is easy! Just complete the Parent Commitment Form and have your child’s teacher complete the Student Referral Form.




Para formas en español:
Compromiso de los Padres
Referencia de Estudiante


Children’s Literacy Center is proud to partner with the Pikes Peak Library District. Visit their website for details on getting a library card and for book suggestions for your children.