Peak Reader Curriculum

Program Model


Peak Reader® Program Model

Peak Reader® is a comprehensive program containing imaginative stories, hands-on activities, games and writing exercises that allow a student to discover and understand the reading process. The program targets elementary age groups where reading success is critical to self-esteem. Adaptable and reusable, Peak Reader can be integrated any time during the school year, the school day or as an after-school program.

Warm Up!
Each lesson begins with a review of the skills and words learned during the last tutoring session. This is a great time to practice Trail Words and Peak Words.

Trail Words
Trail Words are sight words that readers need to recognize immediately, they are the most frequently used words in the English language.

Let’s Begin!
Here are strategies for reading the lesson stories with the student. All of the stories include examples of the phonetic skill that the student is studying.

Answers to questions asked of the student in the lesson appear in the margins of each lesson activities page. The answers are marked by asterisks.

Peak Words
These words help your student really learn the phonetic skill taught in the lesson.

Write This!
Reading helps your student learn to write, and writing helps your student learn to read. Each lesson has a writing exercise to help your student gain a better understanding of what he or she is reading and how to write it in his or her own words.

Try This!
Fun games and activities are another way for your student to practice learning and studying phonetic patterns.

Say This!
Say This! is the opportunity to provide the essential elements of review, praise, and reward. Positive reinforcement is a key to your student’s success.

Trail Guide
The Trail Guide provides an overview of Peak Reader’s® approach — a systematic introduction of phonics to increase phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and writing skills. It is a fun, goal-oriented curriculum designed so each tutor can individualize instruction to match their student’s needs in short one-hour sessions.

Trail Map
The Trail Map allows you to individualize lesson plans by determining the specific sounds your student has trouble recognizing. A Peak Reader® level and lesson number to the side of each word helps the tutor find and use the lesson that specifically addresses each phonetic skill. Thus, the tutor can easily focus the student on the appropriate skill.