Peak Reader Curriculum

Colorado Standards

Colorado Standards

Through use of our Peak Reader® curriculum, the Children’s Literacy Center offers services consistent with Colorado Model Content Standards in reading and writing.

Standard 1: Students read and understand a variety of materials.

Peak Reader® includes unique stories in addition to pre- and post-reading activities designed to improve comprehension, word attack skills, and fluency. Peak Reader® lessons introduce students to different genres of literature including plays, poetry, expository text, and discussion of social issues.

Standard 2: Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Each lesson within the Peak Reader® includes a Write This! activity, which instructs students to recount events, write letters, pen original stories, research subjects to develop factual reports and explain opinions. Tutor-coached writing ensures that students’ writing is organized, communicates effectively, and follows writing conventions and mechanics.

Standard 3: Students write and speak using conventional grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

Tutor-coached writing instruction, through the use of Peak Books and Write This! activities, allows students to learn and apply grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization and spelling in a relaxed and practical learning environment. Revision and tutor suggestions model correct punctuation and capitalization to further students’ abilities. Tutors encourage mastery of word usage including subject/verb agreement, plural usage an spelling. In addition, students master the word recognition and spelling of Trail Words, the 400 most frequently used words in the English Language.

Standard 4: Students apply thinking skills to their reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.

Standard 5: Students read to locate, select and make use of relevant information from a variety of media, reference, and technological sources.

The Write This! activity leads students to extract useful information from the skill lesson stories and personal experience, as well as outside sources including expository passages, and themed narratives. In the Let’s Begin! activity, students make connections between the reading and their prior experiences to complete comprehension exercises. During this process, students draw conclusions, predict, problem solve and ask questions about the library to practice reading at home. The reading log functions as a tool for students to record their sources of reading, as well as to sort and summarize the story information.

Standard 6: Students read and recognize literature as a record of human experience.

By comparing characters and other basic story elements, students learn about people from many places and backgrounds, as well as compare experiences. Students identify character types along with attributes to formulate appropriate understanding of character roles within literature and society. Throughout the sessions, tutors discuss metaphors and similes with students in order to gauge comprehension. All of the lessons within the Peak Reader® take different formats so the students read and understand a wide variety of literature styles.